Here we’ll try to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.  If you don’t see an answer you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

+How did you come up with the name Wildgoose Performance?
Wildgoose is actually the owner, Jim’s last name.

+Can I over cam my engine?
Yes.  If your engine is over cammed, it may not produce enough vacuum for power brakes, MAP sensor, carburetor signal etc.  This will severely affect drivability and performance.  We match all our cams to the engine combinations i.e. Cubic inch, cylinder head, compression, application.

+I am considering running forced induction or nitrous oxide, do I need to port my cylinder heads?
No, but you would be optimizing your performance by porting the heads.  The more horsepower an engine makes naturally aspirated through a head the more power it will make with a blower, turbo, or nitrous.  With a forced induction engine we spend more time on the exhaust port.  Since air/fuel is being forced in, it needs extra help to get the spent gasses out, so a good exhaust port is very important.

+Will my street engine benefit from your dyno services?
Yes, all engines benefit from dyno tuning.  An engine dyno is much more sensitive to changes than you would feel in the car.  All tuning is done on an engine stand, no leaning over fenders or under hoods.  Drive-ability and performance are optimized, the end result is better throttle response, mileage and acceleration on the street.  Not to mention if an oil leak is detected it’s allot easier to fix on the stand then in the car.

+Do you do gear installations?
Yes, we do all ring and pinion installations in house.  We only use high quality products and set all gear sets to spec, pinion depth and backlash.  The end result is smooth and quiet operation.

+Do I require a high zinc oil after break-in?
Yes.  The zinc levels may not need to be as high but it is required.  Why take a chance, in many cases customers only need to change their oil once a year.  For the extra expense of a high quality, high zinc oil it will save a $3000+ engine.

+Is a zinc additive as affective as a high zinc oil in my flat tappet engine?
No.  Shelf oils that you would typically purchase at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire or traditional auto parts stores are designed for the newer emissions controlled vehicles.  Most of these vehicles are internally rollerized, the need for zinc is diminished.  They are also high in detergents and the zinc content has depleted to help prevent damaging emissions devices like O2 sensors and catalytic converters.  The detergent in these oils does not know the difference between the zinc additive or a varnish build up, so the detergent offsets the zinc.  A high zinc, lower detergent oil is the proper way to go.  For more info view www.joegibbsracingoil.com

+Can you install the product I just purchased?
Yes, we have a full installation facility with 2 bays.  In most cases we charge an hourly rate for installations and fabrication but, call for a quote.

+What products do you sell?
Most product manufacturers are listed in our Line Card.  If you are looking for something not listed, give us a call.  Chances are we can still get it, or help you find it.